Lucía & Matías – International House Sitters

40 and 30 years old couple.

Part time international house sitters and homeowners.

Digital nomads.

Home and pets carers and lovers.

About us


We are a couple from Argentina. Lucía is 31 and Matías is 40 years old. We live in our own house in a small town called San Nicolás de los Arroyos (north of Buenos Aires’ province) with our beloved 3-year-old Cocker Spaniel: Almóndiga.

Lucía and Matías - International House Sitters

When we are at home we enjoy working in the garden (Lucía has a nice collection of succulent plants) and also growing our own vegetables in a plot of land. We spend lots of time playing with our dog too, giving her cuddles and going for walks.

Lucía has a degree in Human Resources and Matías has a degree in Translation. In 2018 we both became digital nomads, that means that we travel with our jobs in our laptops and we can work where and whenever we choose it. 

Lucía works as a virtual assistant for entrepreneur women. Matías has his own project (Letras Nómadas) through which he helps other translators to become online entrepreneurs and also offers his services as translator and content/copy writer.

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

This means that we both need to spend comfortable time at home in order to carry out our responsibilities. That’s why having a reliable internet connection has become a priority for us! 🙂

In 2019 we travelled around Mexico for six amazing months and we had the chance to take care of beautiful homes and pets in many cities such as Ajijic, La Paz and San Miguel de Allende.

In the case you accept our proposal, we plan to stay at your home with your pets and combine this with our jobs but also with sporadic day trips and walking tours (which we would love to do with your pets, if possible).

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

And even though we would love to take Almóndiga with us, we know that the best alternative so far for her is to stay at home with other house sitters who will take good care of her, as we did while we travelled around Mexico last year!

Why we want to house sit

We love pets and we also love helping people. We are doing this in order to help pet owners to travel or to go away to visit family, feeling the peace of mind that their beloved pets and homes are well looked after.

We also love to housesit because we think it is the best way to slow travel and know new cultures as locals while we continue working on our digital projects. We made many furry and human friends on our last trip around Mexico and we would love to become friends with you and your pets too!

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

With David, Pete and Rhonda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. First our home owners, now our friends!


With David, Pete and Rhonda in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. First our home owners, now our friends![/caption]

We choose this kind of life to be constantly leaving our comfort zone in order to keep on growing personally and professionally.

Our experience

Experience as Pet Sitters

Since Matías was a little child he has always had dogs, cats and also some birds and even he had a hamster. Matías has experience in giving attention to sick and pregnant dogs.


Lucía’s parents were stricter regarding having pets at home. But as soon as she was old enough, she rescued a dog that now is another member of the family. We always keep an eye on our animals health and Lucía is the one who is always alert when there is any strange behaviour.


In our first house sit in Mexico we took care of two lovely Poodles, Pearl and Thor. She is six years old and he was just a nine month puppy at that time. We spent around two months with them and it was an amazing experience for all of us!

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

In La Paz, Baja California Sur, we took care of Pugli, Cisco and Dulce for almost a month. Dulce is a rescue dog so we gave her double of our love so she didn’t feel afraid and lonely while her humans were away. Pugli is afraid of thunderstorms, so we stayed at home with him when we knew that a new storm was coming!

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

In San Miguel de Allende we took care of two adorable cats, Winnie and Ralph. It was our very first experience taking care of cats and it was the first time David had house and pet sitters. Everything was perfect for both parts! We felt comfortable from the very first moment!

Winnie and Ralphie ended up sleeping with us on our bed! 🙂

Lucía and Matías - International house sitters

Experience and skills as Home Sitters

Nowadays we work at home so we are very well aware of the importance of having a clean and tidy environment. We would love to take good care of your precious home too!


We will keep it clean, tidy, fix any simple problem that may arise and of course will take care of your beloved pets.


We love gardening and taking care of our orchard. We enjoy cooking our own food and we also have experience in general maintenance of a regular house (painting, simple electrical mendings, keeping alarm system, etc).


In Mexico we took care of huge homes and in some occasions the home owners left their car or truck to take care of and so we could move easily around town. Sometimes we also were in charge of maids and gardeners. In La Paz we had to do maintenance of two small pools and keep safe, during hurricane times, a rental house next door.

 Our orchard!

We are always really eager to learn new things and we would love to be your next housesitters!

Some of our references (from and Facebook)

Check our complete Facebook profile:


«Lucia and Matias wildly exceeded my expectations for house and dog sitters. My family and I got to know them for a few days before we left, while they learned about the house and spent time with the dogs. We felt great about trusting them with our home and pets, and over the two months we were away, we found that our trust was deserved. They regularly updated us on the house and pets, sending videos and pictures of the dogs. Our house ended up having some trouble with a leaky roof, and went above and beyond dealing with the workers that had to come and do repairs. They are so warm and friendly that they even got to know our neighbors better than we have. The only downside of having Lu and Mati house and dog sit for us is that I don’t know how we’ll be able to find anyone in their league if they aren’t available the next time we leave town.«


«This summer we travelled to Spain and Portugal for three and a half weeks, leaving our home and three doggies (one of them a new rescue) in the care of strangers. With trepidation. There was no need for worry; Matias and Lucia are amazing! They looked after our home better just like we do, and our pets absolutely loved them! They are a sweet, kind and caring couple, hard-working, aware and ethical. The more we communicated with them as we travelled, the more we liked them and were completely comfortable with them looking after our home, supervising and paying the gardener and the housekeeper, driving the car (not a scratch on it), and, most importantly, providing love and exercise to our furry friends. We highly recommend Matias and Lucia, but wish we didn’t…we are afraid they will get too busy to return to us next year. And after having them as house sitters, it don’t want anyone else.«


«Lucia and Matias were simply the best! My expectations for house and cats sitters had me a little nervous, but Lucia and Matias calmed all my fears. They treated my home and pets as if it was their home. They stayed in touch with me with photos, texts and videos, made me feel confident that everything was taken care of. The best part was that we got to know each other for a few days before I left, and a few days after my return. When I arrived at my home from a 3 week trip, everything was wonderful. They are such great people. If you are very lucky, you will get the opportunity to have this couple sit for you. Thank you Lu and Matias.«

Reference Nit Lorite

«Lucía and Matías are a true gift to House Sitting community. Not only they are amazing carers and animal lovers, but also excellent human beings.»